Cannabis Flower Information Page


Colorado Harvest Company was created by combining a love of science and alternative medicines. As Colorado’s marijuana industry grows, we grow with it. From our stores in Denver and Aurora, Colorado, you can shop from some of the finest cannabis strains for sale in the area. Our naturally grown cannabis is sold for medical and recreational use.

Medical Uses

While still being hotly debated in other states, cannabis has brought significant natural relief to Coloradans in the recent years. While every strain comes with its pros and cons, Budtenders at Colorado Harvest Company are happy to help you pick one that works for you. A few common uses for medical marijuana include treatment for cancer nausea, epilepsy and seizures, glaucoma, muscle spasms and eating disorders.

Most strains fall into one of three categories of marijuana flower: sativa, indica or a hybrid of the two. The easiest way to differentiate between the two main kinds is by the leaves. A pure sativa plant is tall and thin with wiry stocks and leaves. Conversely, many strains of indica have a darker, purplish tint in their broad, full leaves.


Sativa is widely enjoyed across Colorado for its light head high and bright taste. Many strains have been said to have a light, fruity taste and energizing effects. One of the best benefits of sativa is its uplifting, creative buzz that many have described as a strong cup of coffee. Sativa is best for daytime use, especially to treat conditions like depression, fatigue and mood disorders.


Indicas are designed for colder, hardier climates. With their thick, broad leaves, they often contain high THC levels. Indica smokers describe it as a body-centric high that produces a relaxed, sleepy feeling that often comes with hunger and cravings. When use medicinally, indica relieves anxiety, insomnia, pain and muscle spasms.


Like animals, cannabis plants have been carefully bred for their best qualities. Hybrid strains often combine the best of both worlds, the energy of a sativa with the soothing effects of an indica. Cannabis breeding has existed for long enough that you might also encounter hybrid-hybrids that generate highly potent results. While the strength and general effects of hybrids vary from strain to strain, you can find them categorized by their dominant lineage. Ask the Budtenders at Colorado Harvest Company if you’re curious about any of our hybrid strains.