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Welcome to The Green Mile of Denver, Colorado.

The Gren Mile in Denver, Colorado is a section of South Broadway known for it’s large concentration of cannabis dispensaries. Also known as “Broadsterdam” the Green Mile hosts over 16 medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis is not all The Green Mile has to offer! South Broadway hosts multiple music venues, great restaurants, many antique shops, yoga studios, and bars. All in all, The Green Mile is a great destination for the locals and tourists alike.

 Cannabis Dispensaries

Driving down The Green Mile you will notice right away the amount of cannabis dispensaries. It’s the perfect area in Denver, CO to discover all aspects of the cannabis industry. Lucky for you we are the first cannabis dispensary located on The Green Mile. Colorado Harvest Company – South Broadway is a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary located at S. Broadway and Iowa Ave. Open until 9:50pm Mon-Sun, we were one of the first recreational dispensaries to open in 2014.

South Broadway is the perfect location to catch live music whether it be a Mon-Thursday or the weekend. You will find many music venues with great music going on throughout the week. As a bonus, Levitt Pavilion recently opened up their outdoor venue two blocks away from South Broadway. Below you will find our favorite music venues on The Green Mile.

Music Venues


What goes good with cannabis and music? Great food! The Green Mile has began to have an incredible food scene day and night. Every year more and more amazing restaurants are opening up on South Broadway. Here are a few we like to frequent.

Before “The Green Mile”, South Broadway was known as “Antique Row”. This is due to the large concentration of antique shops on South Broadway. While you are shopping for cannabis, stop into one of these unique shops!

Antique Shops

And much more

The Green Mile Denver has so much to offer we cannot fit it on this blog post. We suggest takin a drive or walk down South Broadway to get a feel of the area for yourself. Check in on The Green Mile’s official website for new announcements and more!