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DabOlio | Olio Concentrates, Extracts, Cartridges, & More

The Dab Olio team of hash makers first started perfecting cannabis extraction back in 2012 and have been crushing it ever since. Olio is focused on terpene preservation and unique flavor profiles in their cannabis concentrates. You will find their growers and genetic library are the finest in Colorado and they employ both butane and solventless extraction methods to create some of the best cannabis extracts on the market. Their mission is to provide delicious, beautiful, clean and potent concentrate to folks who love smoking hash as much as they do.

Olio Products You Can Find IN Our Stores

Olio Classic Rosin Batter Menu

Olio Classic Rosin Batter

Olio Classic Rosin menu photo

Olio Classic Rosin

Olio Live Resin Dry Sugar Menu Photo

Olio Live Resin Dry Sugar

Olio Live Resin Wet Sugar Menu

Olio Live Resin Wet Sugar

Olio Rosin Jam Menu

Olio Rosin Jam

Olio Sumo 7g Menu

Olio Sumo 7g

Olio Cartridge Menu Photo

Olio Cartridge

Olio stock menu photo

Olio Rosin Pen – Suace Pen

Olio Logo

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