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Free delivery on all orders of at least $75 pre-tax!

*Delivery fees listed on your receipt will be removed before your sale is final.

Dispensary Delivery By Colorado Harvest Company

We now offer recreational cannabis delivery to all Denver and Aurora customers who are 21 years old or older with a valid, government-issued I.D. See below for FAQs and further information.

Cannabis Delivery In Aurora Home Address

Residential Only

(Hotels Included)
Due to MED regulations, we may only deliver to residential addresses. Additionally, we may not deliver to a household more than once per day.

Aurora Dispensary Delivery Only

Aurora & Denver Only

Until further notice, we are unable to deliver to addresses outside of Denver and Aurora, Colorado, but we hope to expand to other areas in the future. To find out more about your town or cities plans to offer delivery, please contact your local government representative.

21+ With Valid I.D

All customers must be 21+ years of age and provide a valid, government-issued I.D. to be scanned at the time of delivery.

How do I pay for my order?

Our delivery orders can only be paid with our Cashless ATM with your Debit Card & PIN.

Can my roommate place a separate order?

You can place separate orders, but you’ll need to submit your orders within 5 minutes of each other.

Can I order more later today?

By law we can only deliver to your address once per day. Please reach out to us tomorrow!

Can you deliver to my job?

We cannot deliver to your job, to your car, or to a random parking lot, but you can schedule your delivery for later when you’re home again.

Can you deliver to my house outside of Aurora or Denver?

Not yet!  But if you want to see safe and legal cannabis delivery in your city, please reach out to your Mayor and City Council.

Will you accept this damaged Colorado ID?

The Colorado MED has strict guidelines on the condition of acceptable IDs.  But we can accept digital IDs via the MyColorado app.

Can I place the order but stay on the couch?

If you placed the order, you need to present your valid ID to the driver at your door.

Can I use my Loyalty Points?

We added points to your in-store account with this purchase!  Earn with delivery; burn in the store!

What if I order several grams of water hash or rosin on a hot day?

We have cold bags to keep your concentrates cold and fresh for you.

Can you deliver to hotels?

Yes, but we will have to complete the transaction in the doorway of your room.  We can’t leave your purchase with the front desk or outside your door.

Want to smoke?

 Thank you, but with all due respect to past traditions, your driver cannot stay while you consume your purchase.