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Dank Milk

Dank Milk is a signature series strain grown only by Colorado Harvest Company. This strain is the outcome of crossing Candy Rain & our famous Grape Cream Pie to create a one of kind exotic cannabis strain that will knock your socks off.

Stay tuned into our Instagram to see when we will be launching this strain next. 

Dank Milk Cannabis Packaging
dank milk exotic cannabis flower

Growers Notes – Dank Milk

Growers Description: Dank Milk is an amazing cannabis plant that produces solid colas. The phenos #30 and #33 are laced with glittery trichomes, brilliant purple hues and topped with fiery red hairs. Pheno #27 Is frosted in appearance, littered in trichome with minimal pistils. The aromas produced from the flowering plant are sweet and gassy.

Strain Genetics: Candy Rain x Grape Cream Pie

Blend: 60% Sativa – 70% Indica

Flowering Time: 56 days

Plant Height: Moderate size in the vegetation growth cycle and up to 2x her size in the flower cycle.

Effects: Heavy, cerebral, but still functional

Pheno #27 – Gas, granola, funk
Phenos #30 & #33 – Gas, Grape Candy

mr.nasty fan leaf
Dank Milk Terpene Results main

Total Cannabinoid Breakdown

alpha-Humulene: 0.0816%
beta-Caryophyllene: 0.248%
Linalool: 0.217%
Terpinolene: 0.00813%
Ocimene 2: 0.00198%
d-Limonene: 0.866%
Ocimene 1: 0.00161%
beta-Pinene: 0.111%
beta-Myrcene: 0.715%
Camphene: 0.0207%
alpha-Pinene: 0.0798%
Total Cannabinoids: 2.35082%

Finished Product

Take a peak at the finished Dank Milk flower. You can expect to find trichome filled buds that produce aromas that are out of this world.

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Release Dates

12.24.20 – Flower – Phenos #18, #20, #21, #23, #24, #26, & #27
01.15.21 – Flower