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Natural Cannabis Makes the Good Times Even Better

Experience the natural cannabis difference and discover why Colorado Harvest Company dispensaries are a favorite of locals and out-of-state visitors alike. We offer great values and an abundant selection of the finest quality edibles, extracts, concentrates, and organically grown marijuana flower.

No medical card is required to shop at our stores. Colorado residency is not required. You must be 21 or over with ID.

Our stores are conveniently located in Denver, with two more opening soon in Aurora. We’ve been open for business since the very beginning of legalized retail marijuana. Our recreational stores have been recognized worldwide as one of Colorado’s preferred cannabis tourist destinations. We look forward to helping you with your recreational cannabis experience.

Colorado Harvest Company is committed to the welfare of our patients & their quality of life. We opened two of the original dispensaries in Colorado, and we’re proud we have helped our patients maintain or improve their health with natural medications that facilitate the relief of their medical conditions. We know medical cannabis can have a positive effect on the lives of people that qualify and we’re committed to helping those who want to explore if it’s right for them. If you would like to ask if you qualify, please call us today for a free evaluation. If you qualify, we can refer you to a doctor who can continue the discussion and provide you with a recommendation for a license.

In addition to our extensive variety of naturally grown cannabis flower, edibles and concentrates, our stores stock a wide variety of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN) products that relieve your condition without the intoxicating effects of THC cannabinoids.

If you have any questions about buying and using recreational cannabis in Colorado, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions.