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Best Denver Dispensary For Concentrates

You can find many of Colorado’s top concentrate companies on all of our Aurora & Denver recreational dispensaries shelves. Out of all our locations, our South Broadway location is the best Denver dispensary for concentrates. There you can find concentrate companies ranging from 710 Labs, Soiku Bano, Green Dot Labs, Olio, Sunshine Extracts, Mountain Select, 14er, and many more. Within these companies you can find cannabis concentrates such as Live Resin, Live Rosin, Rosin, Wax, Shatter, Wet Sugar, THCa crystal, and More. You can explore our Broadway location menu here OR see all our stores menus here. See below for a list of concentrate companies you can find at our stores.

On top of our amazing concentrate line up, you will also find Colorado Harvest Company collaborations with some of our vendors. This is when they process our own in-house flower into amazing and tasty concentrates. This means you can consume our signature strains via rosin and other hand crafted concentrates. This is why we beleive we are one of the best dispensaries for cannabis extracts and concentrates in Denver and Aurora. Stop by and see for yourself.