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Looking for Ounce deals on cannabis in Denver, Colorado?

Good thing for you, we have 3 locations located in Denver and Aurora, Colorado that offer major deals on or naturally produced recreational cannabis. Colorado Harvest Company offers ounce deals as low as $119 plus tax on our sales tier. Pick one strain or mix and match any strains on the sales tier.

Interested in seeing what’s on our menus at the moment? See below for links to our live menus.

Denver Dispensary

Aurora Dispensary

Denver Dispensary

Not only can you get an ounce for $119 plus tax, you can get an eighth for as low as $19 plus tax. See below for our daily in-house special pricing guide. We always make sure to have an option for those who are in a budget but do not want to give up quality.ย 

3.5 Grams


7 Grams


14 Grams


28 Grams


Keep in mind these prices are subject to change and are while supplies last. Please check our live menus to see what we have available at the moment.