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Not All Cannabis is Equal, Know Where Yours Comes from

At Colorado Harvest Company, we’re passionate about the natural cannabis we grow. We want our customers to understand how we cultivate our harvest and why it’s different. Our craft cannabis is a wonderful alchemy of environment, genetics, patience, inspiration and practice, practice, practice.

We’re proud of the result and that’s why we share the test results for every batch we sell. Enter the batch number or strain name of your purchase to learn more about its potency, other test results and more!

While we’re a leading brand in this industry, we take pride that our focus is small artisanal harvests instead of mass production warehouse weed. Our harvests are meticulously dried, trimmed and cured so discerning cannabis connoisseurs can enjoy natural cannabis the #HarvestLife way.

We strive to bring you the highest quality craft cannabis, grown with integrity in small batches, one crop at a time. All of our cannabis flower, for both our medical and adult use customers, is produced exclusively from our own grows.

We embrace the highest standards of integrated pest management techniques instead of overzealous use of pesticides, and we use only food grade mineral supplements to nourish our harvests.  The result of our production methods is that we recently received a perfect score over the last 24 months from the Colorado Department of Agriculture when testing against over 380 samples for the presence of harmful pesticides or contaminants.

What is Medical Grade Craft Cannabis?

  • Plant genetics bred to optimize terpenes & flavonoid profiles
  • Free of harmful pesticides & contaminants
  • Packaged in nitrogen to prevent oxidation & preserve freshness
  • Lab-tested & certified for potency
  • Embraces good manufacturing practices (GMP) to maximize quality & customer safety
  • Consistently grown in controlled environmental conditions
  • Grown with care & passion for uncompromising quality