CRx Live Resin Cartridges

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The need for discreet, convenient ways to consume cannabis is constantly on the rise as made evident by the fact that more and more Denver area consumers are looking to vape pens in order to enjoy cannabis at their leisure. If the customers of your Denver dispensary often seek potent relief, consider stocking your shelves with award-winning Live Resin vaporizers from Concentrate Remedies. Our full-spectrum, liquid Live Resin Disposable vaporizers are made entirely in-house with absolutely zero additives.

The effectiveness of live resin shines in our Live Resin Disposable vaporizer, which masterfully pairs discretion and efficacy. Some of Denver’s cannabis consumers prefer methods of consumption that do not involve combustion, or often find themselves in situations where tradition consumption methods are not feasible, leading them to seek products such as our Live Resin vape.

The live resin we use to fill our Live Resin Disposable vaporizers is created using extraction processes that ensure the quality of these products as well as their success on the shelves of your Denver area dispensary. After several years of research and development, Concentrate Remedies was able to achieve a smokable liquid live resin, suitable for vaping, back in 2017. The first of its kind, Concentrate Remedies has had to overcome many obstacles to achieve the quality we are known for providing. Crafting a smokable material without burning off terpenes and cannabinoids, avoiding the separation of THCA molecules over time (in other words, creating live sugar), and keeping the extract fluid and consumable are all issues that extraction companies face when creating a vapable product.

Through specialized, natural processes, proprietary to Concentrate Remedies tech, we have been able to achieve a pure live resin vapable material.