Mary’s Medicinals Bootlegger

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Similar to bootleggers making moonshine in the 1920’s, we’re distilling cannabinoids in order to offer clean, pure and consistent cannabis extracts. By removing all chlorophyll, waxes and resins, the consumer enjoys a powerful, tasty and nearly colorless oil.  An advanced, multi-phase extraction and purification process ensures consistency and optimal purity, while natural, organic terpene enrichment increases the flavor and effectiveness of concentrates.

Two distinct profiles are offered:
•      Firewater – With an aggressive ‘Sativa’ terpene profile, Firewater offers a pungent, spicy citrus aroma and flavor with reported effects including euphoria, energy and alertness. A creative, uplifting and motivating profile, Firewater blends are ideal for daytime use.

•      Seven Stars  – A potent ‘Indica’ profile designed for relaxation and tranquility, Seven Stars evokes flavors of pine, citrus, soap and a bit of skunk. A robust and flavorful concentrate, Seven Stars is best suited to evening or low energy activities. Indica concentrates are often used for pain relief and to improve appetite.