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Sunshine Extracts is available at all 3 Colorado Harvest Company locations in Denver & Aurora.


About Sunshine Extracts

Sunshine Extracts is an integrated cultivation and extraction facility dedicated to producing the highest quality small batch craft cannabis and in-house concentrates. Their Live Rosin concentrates and Live Rosin vape cartridges are some of the most tasty cartridges available in our stores. With a low price point, they are quickly becoming one of our most popular and sought after cannabis rosin companies. View our store menus to see what we have in stock.

What strains of Live Rosin do they produce?

Sunshine is consistently putting out new strains however, here are a few Live Rosin strains you can expect to see on our shelves in the form of concentrates or cartridges.

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Sunshine Extracts - Rosin Pen Cart
Sunshine Live Rosin

What is Live Rosin?

Live rosin, produced from frozen cannabis flower, contains more terpenes and produces a more flavorful experience. The terpenes present in fresh cannabis flowers are preserved. Freezing the fresh buds halt the metabolic processes that normally degrade the plant material. This makes the Live Rosin a more enjoyable concentrate experience.