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DabLogic Products | Solventless Cartridges & Concentrates

DabLogic is the creation of Verde Natural selecting their most pristine flower from their garden and transforming it into handmade solventless hashish. The dedication to producing quality solventless concentrates shines through into all of their DabLogic products. You can find DabLogic products at all of our recreational dispenasry locations.

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Solventless Vaporizer Cartridges

Solventless cartridges by DabLogic are a solid way to consume handmade hashish, conveniently and discreetly.

DabLogic’s Solventless Vape Cartirdges are by far one of the most tasty and flavorful cannabis cartridges on the Colorado market. Each pull from your vape pen will fill your lungs with terpene packed cannabis concentrate smoke.


Dablogic Cartridge Menu Photo

Solventless Cake Badder

No, you cannot cook with DabLogic’s Solventless cake badder. You can, however, dab their cake badder.

DabLogic’s handmade cake badder always provides a high concentrated percentage of THC and never disappoints in the taste department.



Dab Logic Solventless Menu

Solventless Sap

Cannabis Sap is the result of high quality solventless extractions. Sap generally contains higher percentages of THC levels and is relatively easier to consume.ย 

We recommend using a “Nectar Collector” as the dabbing tool for consuming DabLogic’s Solventless Sap.



dablogic solventless sap

Hightimes Cannabis Cup Winner

Not only is DabLogic an amazing Solventless Concentrate brand, they have also own a HighTimes Cannabis Cup!



DabLogic HighTimes Cup Winner

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