Simple Guide To Becoming A Budtender In Colorado

Are you looking to become a Budtender in Colorado or work any other job in the Colorado cannabis industry? It’s not as easy as showing up to a cannabis company and applying. You will need to be a licenced cannabis worker by the state of Colorado. This guide will help guide you through the process of obtaining your MED Badge to become a licenced Budtender in Colorado.

Different types of MED Badges:

Key Badge: Employees that make operational or management decisions that directly impact the business.  An example of such an employee is a master grower that determines what or how much of a particular strain to produce. Cost: $250

Support Badge: Employees that work in the business but do not make operational decisions.  An example of such an employee would be a budtender – the majority of occupational license holders are in this category. Cost: $75


The type of job you are wanting within the cannabis industry will determine if you need a Support or Key MED Badge. Most people need a Support Badge.

Mandatory Requirements To Apply For MED Badge

  • You MUST be a Colorado Resident at the time of application and be able to prove residency. You MUST provide a Colorado Driver’s license or ID.
  • Have you discharged a sentence for a conviction of a felony pursuant to any state or federal
    law regarding the possession, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation, or use of a controlled
    substance, including probation or parole, within the past 10 years, even if the conviction
    occurred more than 10 years ago? If so, you are not legally allowed to work in the Colorado cannabis industry.
  • Have you discharged a sentence, including probation or parole, within the past 5 years upon
    conviction for ANY felony, even if the conviction occurred more than 5 years ago? If so, you are not legally allowed to work in the Colorado cannabis industry.
  • Failed to remedy an outstanding delinquency for any judgments, taxes, interest
    or penalties due to the Department of Revenue, relating to a Medical or Retail Marijuana
  • You must be 21 years or older to apply for MED Badge.

How To Apply For Your MED Badge

  1. Print and fill out the application form located in this article or HERE.
  2. Make An appointment with the closest MED office. Find All Locations Here
  3. Bring your filled out application signed and notarized, Colorado ID, and credit/debit card for payment.

Be prepared to have your finger prints and photo taken and recorded.

Applying To Dispensaries In Colorado

When applying to dispensaries in Colorado make sure you bring the following:

  • Filled in Application (If available)
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Photo copy of your MED Badge
  • A smile.

Be aware that dispensaries get a large amount of applications. Make your resume stick out from the rest. Be unique!

If you have your MED Badge and interested in working with Colorado Harvest Company, you can apply here.