Harmony Extracts Colorado

A Look into Colorado’s Harmony Extracts concentrate company

What is Harmony Extracts?

Harmony Extracts is a Colorado concentrates company founded in 2015. Staffed with leaders in the extracts community, Harmony produces some of the state’s top cannabis extracts.

Harmony Extracts Denver Concentrates Jars
Harmony Extracts Denver Concentrates Containers

What products does Harmony produce?

Harmony produces a wide range of cannabis concentrates. Harmony produces cannabis Waxes/Budders, Sugars, Shatter, Nectars, and Distillates using their proprietary blend of hydrocarbon solvents to reflect the most brilliant expression of each strain’s unique cannabinoid, terpene, and color profile.


Their Denver, Colorado facilities host state-of-the-art medical grade equipment with proprietary solvent blends to take our own hand grown flower and “spin” it into golden Nectars™. Once processed, Harmony refines their material using advanced curing methods, giving Harmony’s extraction scientists maximum control over the purging process.

Harmony Extracts Denver Concentrates Flower Long Vile 3
Harmony Extracts Denver Concentrates Flower Strain 21

What cannabis strains do they use?

Although, Harmony does not have an official list of strains, their vast genetic library of cannabis includes more than 20 different strains of OG. Some of their well known strains include: Papaya, Banana Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, and Lemon G.

Where to buy Harmony Extracts

You can find a range of Harmony Extracts at any of our 3 Colorado locations.