Harvest Rewards

Harvest rewards is our 4% cashback dispensary loyalty program designed to give you the biggest bang for your buck out of any recreational dispensary in Colorado. Signup for free and use your points to redeem for major discounts off your orders.

Sign up for free

Earn cannabis dispensary rewards with Colorado Harvest Company by using the button below to sign up for free.

Get $5 off (125pts) for signing up!

Earn 4% Cashback On All Purchases

By signing up with Harvest Rewards you will start earning 4% cashback on all purchases with us. This includes recreational flower, concentrates, apparel, edibles, and all other products we carry.

Up to $200 OFF your purchase

With your 4% Cashback you can redeem your first points or save them up to redeem for larger discounts. They are your points to use, so feel free to redeem them as frequently as you like.

Use at any of our 3 locations

Your Harvest Rewards points can be used at any of our locations. You will be able to access your cannabis dispensary rewards when shopping with us!