Purple Trainwreck Cannabis Strain

A Review of Blueberry Headband & Purple Trainwreck.


Have you tried either of these two strains offered by CHC?


There’s just something about a good hybrid of strong lineage. These strains truly give you the overall combination of feelings many of us search for: a strong sativa “heady” high mixed with a mild body relaxation that many enthusiasts compare to a glass of wine.


These two sativa-leaning hybrid strains have many similarities. Both come from a blend of long-time fan-favorites. Blueberry, in my eyes, is one of the best flavored strains and is most powerful against many pain-related ailments.


This indica is very similar to Grand Daddy Purps, the Purple of the Trainwreck blend. GDP has always knocked me out the way one would hope a deep purple, spicy flavored indica would. Blueberry is to pain-relief just as GDP is to sleep, at least for my body.


As a sativa fan, both Trainwreck and Headband provide a nice cerebral high. I find the Trainwreck a bit more motivating, good for anti-depression, while the Headband gets me closer to the creative or philosophical part of my brain.


Although both strains possess the spicy berry flavored terpenes, compared to the Blueberry Headband’s hints of diesel, the spicy-citrus taste Purple Trainwreck is more to my liking.


Make sure to keep an eye out for these and many other favorites on your next trip to Colorado Harvest Company!

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Blueberry Headband cannabis strain