710 Labs

710 Labs

710 Labs is not just a cannabis brand; it’s a culture forged by CEO Brad Melshenker’s passion. With a commitment to quality over profit, the company crafts top-tier concentrates while fostering genuine connections among its team. Beyond products, 710 Labs champions social equity, actively supporting underserved communities.

Looking forward, innovative offerings like Rosin Pods, Persy Doinks, & exclusive flower drops alongside collaborations with leading creators. As they expand into new markets, 710 Labs remains dedicated to redefining the cannabis experience and fostering a conscientious community.

Featured 710 Labs Products

710 Labs produces many amazing cannabis products, however, here are some of our team’s favorites.

710 Labs Noodle Joints

Persy Doinks

Encased in flower, a hash rosin vein boosts flavor and potency. When lit perfectly, you’ll notice an ash donut with hash rosin bubbling in the center.

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710 Live Rosin

Live Rosin involves pressing cannabis between heated metal plates. When executed perfectly, this yields a stunning golden-white or yellow oil or budder.

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710 Labs Pax Pod

710 Pax Pods

710 Labs’ Pax pods offer a pure vape experience, celebrating natural cannabinoids and flavors. Each pod is strain specific for your flavor preference.

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710 Labs Solventless Gummies

710 Labs Gummi

710 Labs hash gummies are made from rosin extracted from the top flower available to 710 labs. Each batch is cultivatar specific, and never has any added flavors. The taste matches the terpene profile of the rosin extracted from the flower listed on the package. The all natural, full spectrum, vegan, handmade gummies will have your mouth watering the moment it hits your tounge.

The 710 Labs Gummi comes in a 100mg package of 10 gummies. Each gummi is packed with 10mg of THC and loaded with mouth-watering terpenes. Due to the solventless extracts used, each gummi tastes like the plant it was extracted from. Experience a cannabis gummy like no other by tasting the plant in gummy form like you were biting into a fresh cannabis bud.


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