Aliviar’s cannabis line presents a variety of THC and CBD blends designed to bring relief to Iowans with qualifying conditions. Each product is distinctly labeled with a CBD:THC ratio for effortless recognition.


About Aliviar

Employing advanced L.E.A.F. (Lipophilic Enhanced Absorption Formula) technology, Aliviar enhances the well-being of Coloradans seeking swift, natural alternatives to prescribed medications.

Crafted by MedPharm Colorado, the pioneering organization holding the state’s cannabis research and development license, Aliviar creates pharmaceutical-grade effects, catering to individuals coping with various conditions.

Aliviar crafts its formulations based on robust scientific data, ensuring that each dosage delivers impactful results aligned with users’ needs. Utilizing cutting-edge facilities and top-tier scientific expertise, consistency, reliability, and safety are prioritized at MedPharm to produce premium-quality solutions.