Concentrate Supply Co

Concentrate Supply Co. (CSC) is an esteemed industry leader in cannabis extractions, distinguished by their award-winning vape products and concentrates, delivering uncompromising quality and innovation to a vast community of consumers in Colorado.

Concentrate Supply

About Concentrate Supply Co

Concentrate Supply Co. (CSC) emerges as an industry leader in the realm of cannabis extractions, earning widespread acclaim for their award-winning line of vape products and concentrates that have become the preferred choice for thousands of consumers in Colorado. Renowned for their commitment to uncompromising quality, CSC offers a range of products, including cured and live resin, solventless extractions (fullmelt and rosin), and distillate items, all available with enticing bulk discounts.

Setting themselves apart, CSC also extends private label processing services at highly competitive rates. The brand prides itself on prompt communication, efficient turn-around times, and, most crucially, the delivery of a top-tier product. With a trail of prestigious awards and recognitions, including multiple first-place accolades in renowned competitions like the Rooster Magazine THC Classic and Dope Cup, CSC consistently demonstrates their dedication to excellence in cannabis extraction. As innovators in the industry, they continue to push boundaries, as evidenced by their recent introduction of NanoBites by DŌSD Edibles, reflecting a commitment to evolving and meeting the dynamic needs of the market. For those in pursuit of exceptional cannabis experiences, Concentrate Supply Co. stands as a symbol of quality, innovation, and a legacy of award-winning excellence.