Incredibles Edibles

Incredibles Edibles is one of Colorado’s oldest cannabis edibles brands. Since their launch as a medical brand, they have grown into a staple in the Colorado cannabis market.

incredibles edibles


Incredibles Edibles is a brand that traces its roots to a heartfelt mission—to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Originating from Grandma Noni’s need for relief, their initial “special cookies” have evolved into incredibles—renowned for their unique flavors and trusted original recipes.

Founded in 2010 by industry visionaries Josh Fink, Derek Cumings, Rick Scarpello, and Bob Eschino, the brand revolutionized the edible landscape by introducing a unique chocolate mold, establishing themselves as pioneers in dose transparency. With a commitment to crafting worry-free experiences, incredibles Edibles meticulously blends 100% pure cannabis oil, ensuring accurate dosing and consistent enjoyment, celebrated by numerous prestigious awards.

Each accolade, from the THC Championship to the High Times Cannabis Cup, stands testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence. Incredibles invites all to join their family and savor every moment—a delightful journey where each bite promises wonder, not worry.

 Now you can find their cannabis chocolate bars, gummies, tinctures, and more at most Colorado dispensaries, including ours.

No matter the mood you are in, you will find an Incredibles Edibles Chocolate Bar flavor that is right for you. Every Bar is cut into 10 squares, at 10mg of THC per square. This means each Chocolate bar contains 100mg of active THC. Discover all of the flavors below!