Lazercat Cannabis

Lazercat Cannabis is a harmonious fusion of art, science, and nature, cultivating a tight-knit family devoted to delivering the purest, rarest hash experiences while prioritizing environmental sustainability, artistic expression, philanthropy, and a welcoming community spirit.


About Lazercat

Lazercat Cannabis, where the LC family thrives on a shared love for the planet, art, generosity, and delivering the most exclusive hash experiences. Lazercat, a fun and innovative crew, seamlessly blends art, science, nature, and crystals to create hash that is not just a product but an artistic expression of the magical cannabis plant. As a single-source provider, every gram, from cultivation to packaging, is meticulously handled in-house, ensuring the highest quality.

The commitment to purity is evident in their crystal-infused mountain water wash and first-press-only extracts, free from hydrocarbons, butane, or cutting agents. Environmental mindfulness defines Lazercat’s approach, reflected in eco-friendly packaging and a dedication to sustainable practices. The brand’s connection to art is deep-rooted, with designs inspired by real photos of hash and mountainous landscapes.

Lazercat proudly supports The Last Prisoner Project, showcasing a commitment to giving back to those impacted by cannabis-related offenses. As an owner-operated brand, Lazercat fosters an open, inclusive, and supportive community, truly exemplifying the values of family and camaraderie within the cannabis culture. Join the Lazercat family, where every hash experience is a rare and artistic celebration of well-being.