Malek’s is the epitome of premium cannabis craftsmanship, meticulously cultivated over a decade and celebrated for over 20 international Cannabis Cup awards, offering a Flavor First experience through expertly crafted strains and the eagerly awaited Malek’s Melts lineup.

Malek's Cannabis

About Malek’s Premium Cannabis

Founded by Malek, Owner & Operator, Malek’s Premium Cannabis is a testament to over a decade of unwavering dedication to cultivating the finest cannabis strains. Malek’s journey, which began in Houston and led him to the heart of Colorado’s legal cannabis industry, saw him rise from a small organic medical grow to the prestigious position of Head of Cultivation at one of the largest recreational operations. With over 20 international Cannabis Cup awards, Malek’s expertise in creating superior genetics became the cornerstone of his brand.

In 2019, Malek’s Premium Cannabis became a reality, fulfilling a dream years in the making. May 2023 marked the launch of Malek’s Melts, a highly anticipated lineup of single-source solventless concentrates. The brand’s unwavering motto, “Flavor First,” underscores Malek’s commitment to crafting an unparalleled smoking experience by prioritizing taste and quality. Malek invites enthusiasts to savor the culmination of his passion and expertise, promising an unforgettable journey into the world of premium cannabis at Malek’s.