Next 1 Labs

Next1 Labs is Colorado’s foremost purveyor of premium cannabis concentrates, renowned for their commitment to preserving the true essence of each strain and delivering a consistent, high-quality experience from seed to sale.

Next 1 Labs


Next1 Labs, Colorado’s preferred premium concentrates, is dedicated to crafting an authentic cannabis experience that remains true to the essence of each strain. Renowned for being the state’s favorite concentrate, Next1 Labs has established itself as a reliable and consistent choice for enthusiasts seeking a lifestyle-enhancing encounter.

Every step of the process, from seed to sale, takes place in-house, exemplifying their commitment to quality. Operating from our state-of-the-art lab, their team of experts is driven by a passion for innovation, using cutting-edge methods to preserve the unique taste and purity of each strain cultivated on their high-country farm, basking in the Colorado Sunshine.

With a wealth of experience that includes producing over a million grams of concentrates, Next1 Labs is synonymous with sun-baked goodness. Meticulously selecting and cultivating plants, they ensure that every product delivers a consistently high-quality and aromatically amazing experience, all offered at the best value under the sun.

Explore their diverse range of concentrates, including Saucepen, Cured Budder, Cured Sugar, Live Budder, Live Sugar, Shatter, and Wax. At Next1 Labs, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of concentrates, where excellence meets authenticity in every carefully crafted product.