Nfuzed is the epitome of confectionary sophistication, seamlessly fusing gourmet gummies with designer THC to create a delectable escape into a sweeter state of mind.

N Fuzed


Step into a world where the extraordinary happens when confection and cannabis unite – where cravings find their haven, and sweetness meets a higher state of mind. Welcome to Nfuzed, where the fusion of flavor and freedom creates a haven for your senses.

Nfuzed is more than just a confectionery; it’s a sweeter state of mind. Our gourmet gummies redefine the edible experience, bursting with flavor, glee, and a sense of liberation. These delectable treats perform wonders, swiftly eliminating anxiety, banishing boredom, and soothing pain. They’re not just joined at the lip; they’re intertwined with the essence of a better, brighter existence.

For half a decade, Nfuzed has captivated hearts in Colorado and California with mind-blowing, fast-acting gummies that boast unrivaled flavor and designer THC. In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, our journey spans five years – a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence in every chew.

We understand that the reasons for partaking are as diverse as the experiences themselves. That’s why Nfuzed is on a mission – to guide you swiftly and consistently to a better place. Consider us your trusted tour guide, whether your adventure is meticulously planned or delightfully spontaneous.

Indulge in Nfuzed, where every gummy is a gateway to a world of unparalleled taste and unparalleled highs. It’s not just two good things coming together; it’s the perfect fusion that elevates your experience beyond expectation. Welcome to Nfuzed – your passport to a sweeter, elevated state of mind.

NFuzed Sour Gummies

NFuzed Cannabis Gummies are tasty infused treats available at select Colorado Harvest Company locations. Simply put, the mission of NFuzed is: providing innovative cannabis products to all customers. From their sweet-and-sour THC and CBD cannabis gummies, each packed with pure THC for perfectly dosed delivery. NFuzed work to help enthusiasts and cannabis patients relax, unwind, and Njoy life. Explore our menus to see when you can pick up some of these amazing gummies.