o.pen Vape

O.pen Vape is a pioneering brand, born from the collaborative efforts of dispensary owners and growers in 2012, that has grown to become an industry leader, delivering cutting-edge vaporizing pens with a lifetime warranty and a commitment to providing safe and consistent alternatives.



Established in 2012 through the collaborative efforts of six dispensary owners and growers, O.pen has evolved into a formidable brand that addresses the burgeoning demand for top-tier oils and advanced vaporizers. Rooted in a commitment to excellence, O.pen quickly ascended to prominence by introducing a cutting-edge vaporizing pen supported by a lifetime warranty. Teaming up with Organa Labs further underscored the brand’s dedication to providing safe and consistent alternatives to smoking and edibles for both medical patients and recreational users.

Beyond being a brand, O.pen embodies a philosophy that asserts its products are integral to promoting wellness for individuals seeking both medicinal and recreational benefits. With an optimistic outlook on the industry’s potential, O.pen eagerly anticipates its broader acceptance and stands ready to contribute by delivering high-quality, safe, and subtle products. This commitment to quality, collaboration, and responsibility defines the essence of O.pen, inviting consumers to join a community where each inhale is a mindful, elevated experience.