Sunshine Extracts

Sunshine Extracts, rooted in the scenic landscapes of Boulder, CO, is a pioneering cannabis brand celebrated for its small-batch, high-quality rosin products, led by a team of seasoned experts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of solventless hash production.

Sunshine Extracts


Sunshine Extracts, born in the breathtaking landscapes of Boulder, CO, stands as a revered name across Colorado, renowned for its dedication to producing affordable and high-quality rosin products since 2020. Embodying a small-batch philosophy, Sunshine meticulously oversees every stage of cultivation and extraction at its integrated facility in the Rocky Mountains, challenging the notion that all solventless creations are equal.

Quincy Edwards, a seasoned cannabis veteran, leads the brand, applying his decade-long extraction expertise and chemistry background to pioneer innovative procedures. His commitment to efficiency and expertise has elevated the brand’s quality. Partner Tony Chipy, a cannabis entrepreneur with 15 years of cultivation experience, complements the team with his problem-solving prowess, advocating for rosin as a mainstream product that caters to both beginners and connoisseurs.

Together, the Sunshine team weaves a narrative of compliance, focus, and determination, offering a diverse range of solventless hash products that redefine industry standards and invite all to embrace the Sunshine experience.