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This product is no longer available.

Did you know Todd Gardner’s free-range cannabis infused bison jerky is the only edible marijuana product made in Aspen, Colorado? All of Queen Jerky’s jerky is purchased from free range bison farms in South Dakota that is blended with spices and cannabis oil. Each batch has a sample sent to a lab to test for THC levels. 


The Newest Product from the Cannabis Queen. Each Bison Bit is infused with 10mg of THC and comes in a box of 10 for a total of 100mg of THC. Choose from Hot & Spicy or Teriyaki flavors. This is a great product for active people in Colorado. Each bite of this cannabis infused beef jerky will make your mouth water for more.

Meet The Cannabis Queen

The Cannabis Queen is the premier manufacturer of marijuana infused jerky, located in Aspen, Colorado. We combine the highestquality meat products, spices and Colorado grown marijuana to produce our jerky.

Taste the Queen.

Each of our pieces of jerky, either hot and spicy or teriyaki, contains 10mg of the highest quality THC, a sativa dominant hybrid. We infuse our products with CO2 oil at our state of the art facility in Aspen.


Cannabis Queen Jerky