Learn all you need to know about bubble hash here!

Colorado Harvest Company works with Dadirri Extracts to bring the best flavors of hash in caviar pre-rolls and grams for you to enjoy!

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Wondering how to smoke bubble hash?

Check out this guide below from ThePressClub.co‘s Viviane Schute:


Mixed with Flower and Rolled into a Joint
An easy way to smoke hash without any extra accessories or equipment is to roll it into a joint
with cannabis flower. Flower helps the hash to burn evenly whereas a joint rolled completely
with bubble hash is hard to keep lit. The hash provides that extra punch in a joint, adding both
flavor and potency.

Bowl or Bong Topper
A great way to enjoy a small amount of hash is to sprinkle it on top of flower that’s packed into
a bowl (glass spoon) or bong. Once the bowl is mostly full, top it off with a bit of bubble hash
and smoke as you normally would.

Note on Flames: butane can taint the flavor or both flower and bubble hash, so use a hemp wick
to burn the hash. Just light the wick and then use the flame from the wick to light the hash. The
glass wand is another great solution if you’re smoking the hash by itself. 

On a Metal Screen
You can also smoke hash in a bowl or bong without mixing it with flower, but you need
something to keep the tiny grains of hash from pulling through the bottom of the bowl. Pick up a
tiny metal screen at a smoke shop and place it at the bottom of the bowl or bong, then sprinkle
the hash onto the screen. The screen provides a great surface to allow the hash to burn without
being pulled into the bowl or bong while you inhale.



A chillum is a conical pipe traditionally made with clay that is similar in function to a bowl.
Chillums are thought to have originated in India and they’ve been used for centuries (if not
millenia) to smoke cannabis. You can use a chillum to smoke either flower or bubble hash, or
both mixed together as you would with a bowl

That is all you need to know about bubble hash! If you would like to get started on enhancing your smoking experience, visit any Colorado Harvest Company online menu to check what strains are available. CHC offers
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