Recreational Cannabis By Clearwater Genetics In Colorado

About Clearwater Genetics

Clearwater Genetics also known as Clearwater Buds is a cannabis grower in Colorado known for their high quality and top tier recreational cannabis. All of their product is hand trimmed and inspected to insure quality control and bag appeal.

With 20 years of growing experience combined, the Clearwater team knows exactly what they are doing and how to grow some of the best buds in Colorado.

Clearwater Genetics Strains and Drops

We are honored to be one of the select few shops in Colorado to carry and release Clearwater strains. You can find out when we are dropping their flower HERE. Our Instagram is also a great place to get notified of flower drops and more by Clearwater Genetics.

cleearwater genetics

Some Strains Grown By Clearwater Genetics

 The below strains are some examples of what to expect in the future product drops.