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Colorado cannabis edibles have really advanced a lot over the years. Since the legalization of recreational cannabis, edible companies have had to make many changes in their products and packaging. This involves stamping each cannabis edible with a THC symbol and allowing no more than 10mg of THC in a single dose. Now you will find a state mandated THC symbol stamped on gummies, suckers, baked goods, and more. We have created a list of our favorite Colorado edibles and the companies behind them.

Dialed In Gummies…

Dialed In Gummies has been a major hit on the market since they released their first gummies in 2020. They use a special Sous-Vide method to create their gummies. This enhances the terpene profiles to create a unique gummy flavor in addition to the normal flavors the produce.

Dialed In Gummies Colorado Edibles Mr. Nasty

Highly Edibles

Highly Edibles is an extension of CannaPunch, which is why their gummies are so yummy. You can find many different flavors of Highly Edibles “Pucks”. Each “Puck” contains 10mg of active THC. These special edibles are gluten free which makes them stand out from many other gummies on the market.

Highly Edible Golden Strawberry Pucks Menu

Incredibles Edibles

Incredibles Edibles is one of Colorado’s longest standing edible companies. As a market leader, Incredibles knows how to make an amzing cannabis infused chocolate bar that will knock your socks off. You can find over 10 different flavors of their cannabis edibles on the market.

Incredibles Edibles - Colorado Edibles


There are not too many cannabis drinks on the market, so what CannaPunch has done is created the perfect 100mg drink. With cannabis drinks, you generally will feel the effects sooner due to the nature of how your body processes liquid vs solid edibles. With that said, a little shot of CannaPunch will be plenty for most people.

Cannapunch - Colorado Edibles

Koala Bars

Koala Bars are one of our regular’s favorite edible choices. You can find many flavors of Koala Bars ranging from Banana to Bourbon Pecan. Each bar is split into 10 peices of 10mg of THC a peice. When it comes to Colorado edibles, Koala is one of the top cannabis chocolate companies around.

Koala Bar - Machiatto

Robhots Gummies

Robhot Gummies are fun little robot shaped gummies infused with 10mg of THC each. When it comes to Colorado edibles, Robhots is a soild choice for begginers and seasoned tokers alike. Just becareful, these gummies are so tasty you might want to eat the entire box.

Robhots - Colorado Edibles

WYLD Gummies

WYLD Gummies are unique Colorado edibles due to the fact they use real fruit in their infused gummies. They also produce many types of cannabis gummies featuring CBD, CBD, and THC options. We have been impressed by this company and continue to carry their products at most of our locations. 

WYLD Gummies - Colorado Edibles