Marijuana Dispensary Completed 57,000 Customer Transactions Since Sept. 16, 2015

AURORA, CO–(Marketwired – September 16, 2016) – Colorado Harvest Company, a vertically integrated enterprise that grows and sells its own natural cannabis, is celebrating its first anniversary of operations in Aurora, Colorado, with storewide specials through the month of September 2016.

After obtaining two of 23 licenses from the city to operate marijuana dispensaries in 2014, Tim Cullen, CEO of Colorado Harvest Company, planned carefully to open a store that would be a community asset and serve local customers as well as tourists. Investing more than $1 million, Cullen’s company purchased a small abandoned strip mall at 11002 E. Yale Ave., at the corner of Yale and Parker roads, and renovated the property to open the third Colorado Harvest Company dispensary. Today, the property is beautifully maintained and hosts a new tenant. In just the past year, Colorado Harvest Company has been featured in many national news stories in the United States as well as news documentaries produced for national television audiences in China, Denmark, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.

“We’ve been enormously successful at this location,” Cullen said. “We focus on customer service, security and of course, we sell our own naturally grown cannabis flower and carry the most extensive product selection of any dispensary in Colorado.”

Cullen listed a few fun facts that represent his first year of operations in Aurora:

  1. Completing 57,000 customer transactions
  2. Creating 15 full time jobs and supporting numerous local contractors (maintenance, security, building/design/construction, technology, etc.)
  3. Renovating a commercial property that houses another small business tenant
  4. Paying $113,228 sales tax to the city of Aurora and $261,272 to the State of Colorado just for the Yale location
  5. Hosting television crews and news reporters from 11 national and international news outlets to share the story of a well-run legal cannabis company

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