DENVER, June 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — While state officials debate the impact of legal marijuana sales on Colorado tourism, Colorado Harvest Company anticipates a 12 percent increase in revenues this summer, once again benefitting from the steady flow of out of state adult visitors sampling legal cannabis to enhance all of the other vacation experiences the state has to offer.

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Colorado Harvest Company conducted more than 150,000 customer sales in 2016 among its three mid-sized dispensaries that sell natural cannabis to adults for medical and recreational use. Tim Cullen, CEO, said now that Denver permits dispensaries to remain open later, his cannabis centers are more tourist friendly than ever as travelers stop in directly after landing at DIA. Tourists and local patrons who visit Denver’s Green Mile on South Broadway’s many cannabis shops are quickly driving the transition of this former retail-only area into a thriving shopping and entertainment district. Business is booming at Colorado Harvest Company, 1568 S. Broadway, which remains open until 10 pm and employs additional sales personnel to serve the after dinner crowd.

Cullen believes that as cannabis centers anchor developing entertainment districts, just like national retailers were necessary to shopping malls, they have a responsibility to inform those customers new to legal cannabis.  Colorado Harvest Company is exceptionally transparent in the quality of cannabis it sells. Customers can view official test results of purity and levels of active THC of its small batch harvests at

“There’s no question that cannabis centers attract tourists, and we, as good neighbors, are ready to accommodate all customers with more information,” he said. “We’re on board with the many responsible use campaigns, which we believe is good business, especially when it comes to those customers new to the Wild West of cannabis.”

Cullen said he is investing in more employee education and training to help inform customers about cannabis and the rules surrounding safe consumption. Budtenders will greet customers and recommend cannabis for all kinds of adventures, celebrations and situations. At the point of sale, budtenders will also suggest that customers can visit the Colorado Harvest Company website for links to official information about how to consume cannabis legally in Colorado.

About Colorado Harvest Company
Colorado Harvest Company produces and sells its own naturally-grown cannabis for adult medicinal and recreational use. Colorado Harvest Company was the first to commission an independent economic impact study of its business and has since become an industry model for financial transparency. Dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality naturally-grown cannabis and courteous customer service, Colorado Harvest Company’s reputation represents the benefits of the legal cannabis movement. Tim Cullen, CEO, is one of Colorado’s most knowledgeable cannabis authorities by nature of his years of diverse industry experience; formal education and training; public efforts to support legal compliance; industry involvement; community philanthropy and thoughtful media commentary.