February 15, 2017

DENVER (February 15, 2017) The Colorado Department of Agriculture has, once again, validated the purity of Colorado Harvest Company cannabis for the second consecutive year, by awarding perfect scores on hundreds of samples of cannabis taken between Nov. 2016 and Jan. 2017. To celebrate, Colorado Harvest Company is launching Operation TransparenC, a consumer and industry education effort that is intended to inspire consumer confidence in legal cannabis.

Tim Cullen, CEO of Colorado Harvest Company, said that in the interest of consumer safety and awareness, he will be sharing his proven growing methods in 2017 through industry events, collaboration with state officials, media outreach, and by posting current test results, including levels of active THC, of its small batch harvests at https://coloradoharvestcompany.com/search-test-results.

“We’re opening a window of opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and even regulators with what we’re calling operation TransparenC,” Cullen said. “This is an industry first. No one is this transparent, but I encourage my peers to join me.”

Cullen kicked off the effort on Tuesday, Jan. 31, by leading a tour of 22 officials from state agriculture departments as far away as Florida and the territory of Guam.  The Associated Press covered the tour of Colorado Harvest Company’s pristine cultivation facility. Cullen represents the cannabis industry as a member of the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Private Advisory Committee in a collaborative project to create a curriculum for growers.

“Our biggest competitor remains the black market, “Cullen said. “Honesty is what allows us to compete on a higher ground.  Integrity is what sets us ahead of the competition.”

In addition to posting details on its website about the purity and potency of freshly harvested cannabis available in three Colorado Harvest Company cannabis centers, Cullen will be presenting safe, profitable and compliant production methods at two international cannabis conferences in spring 2017: