Maximize savings and try new brands with Colorado Harvest Company’s Vendor of the Month Deal!

You’ve probably seen our Vendor of the Month ribbon, want to know what it’s all about?

Colorado Harvest Company works with local brands to provide discounts, pop-ups, and other surprises curated each month just for you.

Earn extra points towards our loyalty program or get huge discounts on some of Colorado’s favorite companies like MightyMelts, Green Dot Labs, Viola Brands, and more. Find the best edibles, concentrates, and flower at any of our three locations and make CHC your first choice for trying new brands.

Be sure to visit our website and check our “Specials” page each month to see what promotion awaits you. The deals are only getting better! Don’t forget to join our Colorado Harvest Company loyalty program to start earning 4% cash back on all of your purchases, including our Vendor of the Month promotions.

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