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Interested in ordering online or visiting one of our retail locations? There are many different forms of identification that are acceptable at dispensaries and it can sometimes be a lot to keep track of! Colorado purchasing requirements allow for types of identification you may not know about!

Check our list below on acceptable forms of 21+ identification that can be used at any of our retail locations or when placing a delivery or pick up order. 

Valid forms of ID include:

  • A valid Colorado driver’s license or valid identification card issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue

  • A valid U.S. passport book or U.S. passport card

  • A valid U.S. military identification card with picture and birthdate.

  • A valid Native-American Tribe Card

  • A valid 21+ vertical Colorado or out of state ID

  • MyColorado app or any valid out of state digital identification

Do you have any of these? If so, then you are eligible to visit any of our locations or order online for convenient pick-up or delivery! Pick from our curated selection of Colorado’s best flower, concentrates, and edibles. Visit any of our 3 locations once you’ve satisfied Colorado purchasing requirements and enjoy recreational cannabis!

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