Denver Concentrate Prices By Concentrate Type

See below for a list of our concentrate prices in Denver, Colorado. Prices are subject to change and current pricing can be viewed here. We list some of our Denver concentrate prices by concentrate type below.

denver concentrate prices - live badder

Live Badder Price

Concentrate Type: Live Badder
Company: Green Dot Labs
Price: $33.50

Denver Concentrate Price Wax

Wax Price

Concentrate Type: Wax
Company: Colorado Harvest Company & HRVST
Price: $15.19

live rosin price

Live Rosin Price

Concentrate Type: Live Rosin
Company: Sunshine Labs
Price: $35.00

persy rosin price denver

Persy Rosin Price

Concentrate Type: Persy Rosin
Company: 710 Labs
Price: $65.00

90&120 Premium Cold Cured Rosin

Cold Cure Rosin Price

Concentrate Type: 90&120 Premium Cold Cured Rosin
Company: Olio
Price: $51.00

Premium Live Rosin price in denver

Premium Live Rosin Price

Concentrate Type: Premium Live Rosin
Company: Lazercat Concentrates
Price: $46.00

Headstash Rosin Batter price

Rosin Batter Price

Concentrate Type: Headstash Rosin Batter
Company: Single Source Concentrates
Price: $58.00