Denver Dispensary Online Menu

Denver Dispensary Online Menu

We have two recreational dispensaries located in Denver, Colorado. You can see our Denver Dispensary Online Menus by clicking HERE or exploring the locations below. Using our online menus, you can see inventory, prices, and pre-order, making your shopping experience fast and seamless. All of our dispensaries are outfitted with a online order pick-up window or register. This means we can check you out faster, so you can enjoy your products sooner!

South Broadway Dispensary Menu | 1568 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80210

Our South Broadway Dispensary Location was one of the first recreational dispensaries to open up in 2014. Since then our location has expanded and introduced a pick-up window specifically for online orders.

South Kalamath Dispensary Menu |1178 South Kalamath, Denver, CO 80223

Our dispensary on South Kalamath was also one of the first recreational cannabis dispensaries to open up in 2014. It now is a hidden gem in Denver that locals and tourists enjoy. See their online menu be clicking below.