Different Types Of Cannabis Vape Cartridges

When exploring different options with cannabis cartridges, you will find there are many different types of concentrate cartridges. Different Colorado concentrate companies produce different types of cartridges. Some companies specialize only in solventless cartridges and some others specialize in live resin cartridges. Cartridges also come in a few forms, Cartridges and Pods.  Let’s explore some of the different cannabis cartridges on the market.

14er Flint Pods

14er Flint Pods are 14er’s solution to a cannabis cartridge. Their cannabis pods are filled with high quality concentrates produced from their in-house flower.

These pods work with 14er’s Flint Battery device, also available at our shops.

You can find up to 16 different strains available within their Flint Pod lineup.

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cannabis concentrate vape pod by 14er

710 Labs Live Resin Pods

710 Labs is one of Colorado’s, if not the USA’s, top cannabis concentrate companies. They are mainly known for their top shelve dabbable concentrates, but also produce amazing Live Resin Pods.

These cannabis vape pods by 710 Labs always fly off our shelves, due to to the quality of concentrate and the variaty of strains available. 

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710 Labs Pax Pod Menu Photo

Sunshine Extracts Rosin Cartridge

Produced in Boulder, Colorado, Sunshine Extracts Rosin Cartridges are an easy way to take your rosin on the go. Often times you find pods and cartridges filled with solvent extracted concentrates. However, with Sunshine Labs Rosin Cartridges, they are filled with nothing but their tasty cannabis rosin.

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Sunshine Extracts - Rosin Pen Cart

Cookies Cannabis Cartridges

Cookies cannabis is known for their flower. Since hitting the Colorado market, they have teamed up with O.pen to produce a solid Terp Sauce cartridge that is just as tasty as the flower they produce. 

These cartridges are produced and sold in a 510 thread count container and fit on most cannabis vaporizer batteries.

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cookies cartridge runtz menu photo

DabLogic Solventless Vape Cartridge

DabLogic produces a solid line of solventless vape cartridges. If you prefer rosin concentrates over the others, but want it in a vaporizer form, DabLogic is always a good choice.

With these 510 thread count solventless cartridges, you can taste the flavorful terpenes from the original flower that they were produced from. These are a top seller in all our locations and we reccomend trying one.

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Dab Logic Cartridge

GreenDot Labs Live Resin Cartridges

GreenDot Labs produces a large lineup of live resin cartridges for the recreational cannabis market. You will find they have beautifully branded packaging for specific strains and always fill your need for a heavy hitting cartridge.

You can find these cartridges at all of our location, as we carry their entire line up of strains.

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Green Dot Labs FSE Cartridge

GreenDot Labs Live Resin Pax Era Pod

With many people using Pax Era for nicotine vaping, GreenDot Labs has released a solution for those not wanting to carry two devices around. You can easily use this Pax Era Pod or other standard pod device.

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Green Dot Pax Pod Menu Photo

Olio Live Resin Cartridges

Olio Live Resin Cartridges are by far one of our most popular cannabis cartridges in our stores. You can find many different strains with a wide range of terpene profiles. If we were to recommend a cartridge to a first timer or a long time smoker, the Olio Live Resin Cartridges are the solid choice.

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Olio Cartridge Menu Photo