Looking for a job in the Colorado Cannabis Industry? Interested in learning about what jobs there are in the Cannabis Industry? Well, here is a list of some different cannabis jobs.

 There are a surprising amount of different cannabis jobs directly and indirectly in the cannabis industry. From working in a retail store, the grow, packaging, all the way to administrative work.



A Budtender is a person who provides information about strains, edibles, general cannabis knowledge, and helps rough the sales process. A budtender can be compared to a Bartender in a way.

Store Manager

Store managers take care of tasks such as re-stocking shelves, managing employee schedules, and all other normal tasks of Managers in any other industry. 


A Trimmer is a person who works in a cannabis grow house. They will trim the dry cannabis buds of little leafs. These people are who make your buds look beautiful.


There are multiple positions in the Grow for a person to work in. However, in the example we will group them together as “Grower”. These are the people who actually grow the cannabis that ends of on a store’s shelves. Think of these people as the “Brewery” in beer terms. 


As in all other industry there is a need for Marketing Professionals. These range from consultants to general marketing managers. A marketer can work for a dispensary, edible company, 3rd part grow, concentrate company, or any other market that needs to sell a product.


Administrative work is always needed in a company. The cannabis industry is no different. 


With a cash only industry, comes the need for security at the stores and the transportaion of product or money.

Concentrates Lab

Working for a Concentrate Lab covers the process of creating and extracting cannabis concentrates. Yes, a lot of places really wear lab coats and actually look like a lab!

Edibles Kitchen

Like cooking? Maybe working in a cannabis edible kitchen is the way to go. Depending on the company, you could be making infused brownies to infused candy. 


Working in Packaging is the position in a grow where you actually wiegh out the cannabis and package it into containers and label for sale. 

B2B Courier

Maybe dealing with customers isn’t your thing. You could always be a B2B Courier. These people deleiver products from grows, edible, and concentrate companies to retail fronts (Dispensaries).

There are more positions in the cannabis industry, however this covers most of them. We hope this guide to different cannabis jobs helps you discover what you want to do.