Are you looking for some cannabis hash oil cartridges in Colorado?

Cannabis vape cartridges are quickly becoming one of Colorado’s most popular alternative ways to smoke cannabis. Below you will find some examples of Colorado hash oil cartridges.


O.penVAPE is one of Colorado’s most popular cannabis vape companies. Not only are they practically in every cannabis dispensary, they are in many other states that support recreational and medical sales.

You will find cartridge sizes ranging from 150mg to 500mg with options such as: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Strain Specific, CBD, and more!


openvape 500mg Sativa

incEdibles Extracts 710mg ePen

incrEdibles started off as am edible company early in Colorado’s medical cannabis history. Since then incrEdibles has branched off into other types of cannabis products. One being Cartridges!

Their hash oil cartridges are some of the highest quality oils on the market. You can select from their 710mg THC-a Sauce, uncut liquid black label cartridges or their uncut sauce pen.

extract box 710 RENDERINGpsd

The Lab Live Resin PAX ERA Pods

The pax ERA was orginally made and marketed to the tobacco industry under a different name. Since then The PAX ERA has became the perfect vessal for vaping cannabis oils. The Lab produces an amazing live resin oil that they put into disposable “Pods”.

These are some of the most tasty hash oil cartridges on the market.

Pax Era Pod

Grren Dot Full Spectrum Extract Pen

We’ve produced our Black Label line in-house from seed to sauce since 2014, and we’re humbled by the passionate following our dabbable extracts have inspired. We want as many people as possible to have the kind of transformative cannabis experiences that we’ve had with concentrates, and our new line of Black Label FSE pens makes that opportunity equally available to both novice consumers seeking a fantastic experience, and aficionados who want a convenient way to enjoy their favorite concentrates wherever they are. –

Black Label FSE Pens