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25% off Olio Pop-up

25% off Olio Pop-up

Where: 1568 S. Broadway


Discount details: Get 25% off all Olio products in stock!

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“Our team of hash enthusiasts first started perfecting cannabis extraction back in 2012 and have been pushing the envelope ever since.”

“We are focused on terpene preservation and unique flavor profiles in our concentrates.

Our growers and genetic library are the some of the finest in the nation, employing both butane and solventless extraction methods to harvest every last wonderful trichome. Our mission is to provide delicious, beautiful, clean and potent concentrates to folks who love smoking hash as much as we do!” –Dabolio.com

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Colorado Harvest Company serves customers an extensive selection of the finest quality edibles, concentrates, and naturally grown cannabis flower available on the Colorado market.

Founded in 2009, we lead the evolution of Colorado’s cannabis industry with quality product innovations, great values, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

With an experienced team of expert growers, the company produces more
than 40+ strains using proven techniques in modern facilities to ensure the safest products for our customers and the environment.

Colorado Harvest Company dispensaries have been recognized by media worldwide as both the favorite of locals and the preferred stop for
out-of-state visitors. Three stores are conveniently located in
South, East Denver, and Aurora, Colorado. We are always collaborating with brands to bring events like our 20% off Olio Pop-up!