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Dadirri Pop-Up Yale 25% off

Dadirri Pop-up at Yale! Get 25% off all Dadirri products when you visit our Aurora location.

When: Feb. 17th 3:30-5:30pm

Where: Yale location in Aurora

Discount: 25% off ALL Dadirri products

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DADiRRi’s vision is to become a global brand and a household name in the cannabis industry. Known for our high quality and innovative products as well as its beautiful brand and company culture. We are leaders in our field and always at the forefront of cannabis technology.

Quality at every step

We have proven and proprietary manufacturing processes that keep our products consistent and safe. We only source from the highest quality cultivators and each product is rigorously tested for possible impurities. Only top shelf ingredients used at DADiRRi!

Family-owned and operated

DADiRRi is a family owned and operated company whose founders have been in the Colorado cannabis industry since 2010. We are dedicated to providing not only quality products but an exceptional company culture. We are a predominantly diverse and woman ran company who’s employees have a long standing tenure.

Driven by purpose

The goal of DADiRRi is to integrate cannabis, and its many plant allies, into people’s everyday life. Both medicinally and recreationally. For cannabis to be widely accepted and utilized throughout the world, possibly replacing or competing with current harmful alternatives.

Doing our part to help mother earth

DADiRRi is extremely proud of our near zero-waste manufacturing facility. Especially in an extremely wasteful and resource heavy cannabis industry. From zero-waste production to recyclable processes and biodegradable packaging, we’re making the environment a priority in everything we do.

Committed to people and clients

DADiRRi offers a 100% buyback guarantee on our products and are dedicated to making every consumption experience top-notch. Our loyal customers, Dadirrians, are our biggest focus.

Learn more about Colorado Harvest Company

Colorado Harvest Company serves customers an extensive selection of the finest quality edibles, concentrates, and naturally grown cannabis flower available on the Colorado market.

Founded in 2009, we lead the evolution of Colorado’s cannabis industry with quality product innovations, great values, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

With an experienced team of expert growers, the company produces more
than 40+ strains using proven techniques in modern facilities to ensure the safest products for our customers and the environment.

Colorado Harvest Company dispensaries have been recognized by media worldwide as both the favorite of locals and the preferred stop for
out-of-state visitors. Three stores are conveniently located in
South, East Denver, and Aurora, Colorado.