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Food Truck by Flavor of Tabasco

Join us Saturday for a food truck by Flavor of Tabasco!

Visit our Green Mile location on Broadway February 25th from 12pm-8pm to experience authentic Mexican Cuisine.

Learn more about Flavor of Tabasco:

We are a grassroots and family owned business. what started as a vision finally became a reality in 2019. I immigrated from Tabasco, Mexico in 1999, being a single mom, working two jobs, and going to school wasn’t enough. I soon discovered that people enjoyed my food. I began to sell my homemade tamales in the hispanic community. I started dreaming about my own food truck, I still remember the days my auntie would write a recipe for me to cook before she went to work ( I was only 13). I have a passion for cooking and nothing makes me happier than people enjoying my food. My passion for cooking has taken me far in life, it has been a great journey with a lot of good experiences, We are proud to announce that we are opening our second food truck. We are excited for the future and would like to thank all my customers for their support.

Learn more about Colorado Harvest Company:

Colorado Harvest Company serves customers an extensive selection of the finest quality edibles, concentrates, and naturally grown cannabis flower available on the Colorado market.

Founded in 2009, we lead the evolution of Colorado’s cannabis industry with quality product innovations, great values, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

With an experienced team of expert growers, the company produces more
than 40+ strains using proven techniques in modern facilities to ensure the safest products for our customers and the environment.

Colorado Harvest Company dispensaries have been recognized by media worldwide as both the favorite of locals and the preferred stop for
out-of-state visitors. Three stores are conveniently located in
South, East Denver, and Aurora, Colorado.