Exotic Strains Colorado Harvest Company

Exotic Cannabis Strains By Colorado Harvest Company

If you are looking for some of the best weed in Denver, you no longer need to look. We have been releasing many exotic and in-house bred strains this year. Every Friday you will see a new exotic cannabis drop happening at our 3 recreational dispensaries. We are one of the few dispensaries in Colorado offering weekly high end cannabis drops and take pride in breeding our own in-house genetics. See below for examples of past exotic strain drops.

List of Past Exotic Strain releases By Colorado Harvest COmpany

Exotic Strain Black Cherry SLUR-P

Black Cherry SLUR-P

Exotic Strain Dank Milk

Dank Milk

Exotic Strain Funyuns


Exotic Strain Gasphalt


Exotic Strain Hells Peaches

Hell’s Peaches

Exotic Strain Jelly Tart

Jelly Tart

Exotic Strain Mr.Nasty


Exotic Strain Grape Cream Pie

Grape Cream Pie

Exotic Strain Slippery Susan

Slippery Susan

Exotic Strain Tropicanna Cherry

Tropicanna Cherry

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