From Biology Teacher To Colorado Marijuana Magnate.

DENVER – When you speak with Tim Cullen, it’s immediately obvious that he knows a lot about the science of growing marijuana.

As the CEO of Colorado Harvest Company, he could probably talk nonstop about how he has perfected the grow operation at his massive Denver facility, which can hold about 8,000 medical and recreational plants.

And once you find out what he did for a living before starting to grow and sell pot commercially in 2009, his intense knowledge about the subject makes perfect sense.

“I was a high school biology teacher for 10 years before I jumped on this crazy train that has been my life for the last six years,” he said, chuckling that he is sometimes the victim of “Breaking Bad” jokes.

Plant hormones communicate internally, he said, naturally reproducing the most buds at the top of the plant. To change that, Cullen spreads his plants on a parabola-shaped piece of mesh.

“The plant doesn’t know where its true top is, so rather than getting one big cola [bud site] on the top of the plant, we’ll get a whole bunch of golf ball-sized flowers that will happen on these plants which makes production and packaging a lot easier,” he said.