Green Dot Labs

Green Dot Labs Concentrates

Green Dot Labs is a Colorado cannabis concentrates company based out of Boulder, Colorado. They are one of the longest running regulated business soley focused on cannabis extracts.

All of Green Dot Labs’ concentrates are produced using their own, top of the line, in-house grown flower. Their plants are specifically grown with cannabis extraction in mind. They focus on the strain’s specific terpene profiles to produce a concentrate that truely displays the taste of that plant. 

Green Dot Labs Products

Black Label Live Badder

Green Dot Labs’ Black Label Live Badder is created by emulsifying the essential oils of the whole, fresh-frozen cannabis plant, resulting in an ultra-rich, homogenous concentrate with a malleable, uniform consistency with the look and feel of wet cake batter. Combining intense flavor, high potency and consistent texture, Black Label Live Badder delivers a smooth experience with a mouth-coating richness beloved by cannabis aficionados.

Black Label FSE

Green Dot Labs’ connoisseur-grade dabbable FSE (Full Spectrum Extract) features THCa crystals in a highly aromatic terpene sauce that is produced using meticulous, time-intensive refinement techniques.

Black Label Live Rosin

Green Dot Labs’ Live Rosin starts with flavorful, potent cannabis varietals from our extensive genetic library. After being carefully cultivated in the Black Label garden, their plants are harvested at peak freshness and extracted using time-tested artisanal cold water hash-making techniques, producing a vividly flavorful Live Rosin with thousands of live trichome heads in every gram.

Black Label Live Resin Cartridges

Green Dot Labs Live Resin Cartridges feature borosilicate glass and pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel components to ensure the cleanest, safest vaping experience possible. The 510-thread cartridge pairs perfectly with our Green Dot Labs-branded variable-temperature battery that heats the delicate live resin to an ideal low temperature. Both the ultra-low temp “sesh mode” and the low (white) settings deliver a terpene-packed pull with less intense effects, while the medium setting offers a balanced combination of flavor and effect. Black Label Live Resin cartridges and batteries are sold separately, making it convenient and cost-effective to experience a wide range of Black Label genetics on the go.

Black Label Live Resin Flavorpack Cartridges

Black Label Live Resin FlavorPacks™ invite you to explore our signature line of extracts through the deeply personal experience of taste and smell. Featuring two of our uncut, additive-free .5mL Black Label Live Resin Cartridges™, FlavorPacks provide cannabis-curious consumers and connoisseurs alike with a familiar way to experience the unmatched effects and terpene-rich flavor of pure live resin.

Black Label Flower

Green Dot Labs premium Black Label Flower™ comes straight from their gardens and is coveted among cannabis connoisseurs for its wildly flavorful, distinctive terpene profile and exceptionally smooth smoke. Black Label flower is obsessively cultivated, harvested and hand-trimmed at just the right time to deliver pronounced flavor and a heady high that sets us apart from the competition.

Green Dot Labs Black Label Flower drops are ultra-limited to ensure the ultimate quality and freshness, with product often selling out within hours.

Silver Label Extracts

Green Dot Labs Silver Label concentrates feature retired strains from their Black Label Garden as well as material from other top Colorado cannabis cultivators, delivering full-flavor live resin at an affordable price.

Silver Label extracts are produced by Green Dot Labs’ team of live resin experts using the same meticulous processes as our premium Black Label Live Resin™ line.