DENVER, March 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tim Cullen, CEO, Colorado Harvest Company, will present “Growing Clean Cannabis in a Highly Regulated Environment,” at the Cannabis Business Times 2017 Cultivation Conference, March 20-22, Oakland, CA. His presentation is slated 3:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday.

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As CEO of Colorado Harvest Company, Cullen has been driving the growth of a vertically integrated cannabis enterprise for eight years. Essential core beliefs are the foundation for his thriving business: In the interest of public health, always grow cannabis with integrity; and keep cannabis clean to keep it safe, and that will help keep it legal. Cullen advocates strict compliance to state regulations reinforcing aspects of the Cole Memo in order to provide safe access to cannabis while limiting access to minors.

“This industry is driven by idealism and science,” Cullen said. “Entrepreneurs at every stage of legal cannabis production and sale have a responsibility to customers to be honest and transparent about the ingredients used and the potency of the cannabis they bring to market.”

Organizers of Cannabis 2017 said the conference is a unique combination of educational programming on both cultivation and business management, and it has been developed by cultivators for cultivators. Cullen will stress science and compliance, so cultivators in new markets can gain insight into growing profitable legal cannabis crops and why it’s important to work with regulators. As state-by-state markets implement specific laws, cannabis growers should try to influence common sense regulations that will help each party work hand in hand toward shared goals. He will also cover understanding regulations at the city, state and federal levels. He recommends cannabis entrepreneurs know their rights; anticipate pitfalls and changing rules; communicate with regulators; meticulously track products; operate a safe, clean and sustainable work environment; and train employees in safety and compliance.

“The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) awarded perfect scores to all of the hundreds of tests on our cannabis two years in a row,” Cullen said. “We’re proud of that record and we firmly believe that legal, regulated, high quality cannabis will put an end to black market cannabis.”

Cullen has launched “Operation TransparenC,” an effort to inform customers about the purity and potency of the strains of Colorado Harvest Company cannabis, complete with CDA test results posted at the Colorado Harvest Company website. Cullen’s participation in the Cannabis Business Times 2017 Cultivation Conference represents a commitment to this effort and he will urge other companies to be transparent in their purpose and product.

About Colorado Harvest Company
Colorado Harvest Company produces and sells its own naturally-grown cannabis for adult medicinal and recreational use. Colorado Harvest Company was the first to commission an independent economic impact study of its business and has since become an industry model for financial transparency. Dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality naturally-grown cannabis and courteous customer service, Colorado Harvest Company’s reputation represents the benefits of the legal cannabis movement. Tim Cullen, CEO, is one of Colorado’s most knowledgeable cannabis authorities by nature of his years of diverse industry experience; formal education and training; public efforts to support legal compliance; industry involvement; community philanthropy and thoughtful media commentary. Tim Cullen video.