how to make rosin

What Is Rosin and How Is It Made?

Looking for a cannabis concentrate that is produced using zero solvents? Cannabis Rosin is one of the solventless extractions widely available in the cannabis industry. Let’s dive into how Rosin is made.

What Is Rosin?

Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate that is produced using various methods of heat and pressure. Rosin is widely popular with those who want a more pure extract to consume. Most cannabis concentrates are produced using C02, propane, or other solvents. This often leads to trace amounts of those solvents remaining in the final product, hints why Rosin is a great alternative. 

How Is Rosin Made?

Rosin is one of the easiest products to create. This is because you can do this without potentially harming yourself or others with flammable solvents. Let’s explore how Cannabis Rosin is Made.

Step 1: Obtain Dry Cannabis Flower. You can produce Rosin with as little as 1/8th of an oucne. However, the more you use, the more you create. 

Step 2: Obtain parchment paper. You can purchase parchment paper from any grocery store.

Step 3: Use a hair straightener or tool specifically designed for rosin extraction. We reccomend using a device that was created for the sole purpose of extracting rosin. A quick search on Amazon for “Rosin Press” will yield you some results. You can also use a “Heat Press” that is commonly used for t-shirt printing.

Step 4: Place you parchment paper into you device, place dry cannabis ontop, and introduce as much pressure as possible. You will see the “Rosin” coming out of the cannabis and onto the parchment paper. You will need to use a tool to collect the rosin. 

Those are the basic steps to creating rosin. However, there is a bit more technique to it than what we listed. There are plenty of videos explaining in depth the correct methods to producing rosin. 

Not enough time to make your own?

That’s ok, we don’t make our own either. You can purchase Rosin from multiple companies at any of our 3 locations. We find it’s easier to have it already made for you. 🙂 See all our locations HERE