How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Germinating Marijuana seeds is simple and easy to do. In order to grow cannabis plants from seed, this is the first step in the process. All you need is a few seeds, some paper towels, tupperware, and a bit of water.

Step 1: Identify germination ready marijuana seeds

You can’t germinate any old seed you find in your cannabis flowers. They need to be a certain age and have a specific look in order to burst open and begin the plant’s lifecycle. You generally want to germinate seeds that are dark and have black stripes. See the above photo to have a better idea of what they look like.

Step 2: Dampen a few paper towel squares

Depending on the amount of seeds you are looking to germinate, you will want to dampen a few paper towel squares. You do not want them to be dripping water but wet enough to provide the correct amount of moisture to the seeds.

Step 3: Place damp paper towels in a Tupperware container & place seeds inside

Open your Tupperware container and place 1 or 2 damp paper towel squares inside. You will want to evenly disperse the seeds around the paper towel. 

Step 4: Cover the seeds with another damp paper towel and close container

Once you are satisfied with the spacing of the seeds, place another damp paper towel over the seeds and then close the lid to the container.

Step 5: Wait about 2 days

You should see the seeds start to split in about 2 days. There will be a little tail looking thing coming out of the seed. This is the beginning of the plants root structure!

There you have it! That is how you easily germinate marijuana seeds.